Home Theater System – Top Quality High-Def Video and Audio

The new Bose Lifestyle T20 Home Theater System provides the ultimate at-home video and audio experience that optimizes the output of all your television sports, games and movies. With its key system features and lifelike surround sound you can enjoy top quality cinematic experience through your Blu-ray disc player, game system or cable box. With its amazing control-it-all convenient remote control you will have immediate access to all your video sources. With it you just need the best iptv to get the most out of it.

The Bose Lifestyle T20 Home Theater System lets you hear sports, music and movies with convincing lifelike detail. The device’s small Direct/Reflecting Cube Speakers work in unison with a hideaway proprietary Acoustimass module that provides the most in emotional intensity audio. You will feel the audio surround you as though you are experiencing it in a concert hall or theater.

The ADAPTiQ System

Because every room is unique in size, shape and design, your home theater system needs to quickly make adjustments to provide the correct sound. Bose’s ADAPTiQ system is developed to do just that. Through innovative technology, it easily analyzes your room to make adjustments for surround sound to provide the highest level of consistent peak audio performance.

Unify Intelligence

With the creation of their proprietary Unify Intelligent Integration, the Bose Lifestyle T20 Home Theater System provides a simple way to connect all your peripheral components. Through its Control Console the system automatically recommends the ideal connector, and then confirms the connection was properly made. This easy-to-use design provides an intuitive touch to your remote control and helps unify your system into one solid easy-to-understand home theater system.

Home Theater System Features

This home theater system houses an automatic it is ADAPTiQ audio calibration system, which provides a great range of freedom for speaker placement, and a Control Console that allows for the connection of six peripheral high definition sources. With automatic video up scaling the device ensures the highest resolution capabilities for all your shows, movies and sports and can display up to 1080p over HDMI.

The Bose Remote

The Bose Home Theater System Remote Control uses radio frequency (RF) that can easily operate through floors and walls. With its Unify Intelligent Integration System you can use your remote control to easily connect all of your peripheral devices. You will have immediate access to everything connected to the home theater system with the simple touch of a button.

With its intuitive easy-to-understand remote control, its small Direct/Reflecting speaker technology, ADAPTiQ audio calibration and Acoustimass module that delivers a full range of theater sound and effects, this unit is highly recommended.