Fantasy Football Format – Go Basic or Go Home

My Fantasy Football league has about to enter the end of its sixteenth year. There were 16 teams previously however, we’re now an all-team league. While the topic of performance points is thrown around at the league’s meetings nearly every year, we are an unremarkable scoring leaguethe only way to go for genuine fantasy football enthusiasts.

Performance points system fans will argue that there’s so much more to play with, making their games more exciting as well as more competitive. This is ridiculous I say.

We think that in order to ensure that our football fantasy look like something more than just a game it is necessary to emulate that of the National Football League in as many ways as is possible. Therefore, we’ve modeled our rules in the style of the NFL and try to score points in the same manner like the NFL.

When the running back or wide receiver achieves a touchdown, then we award the team that plays in our league by awarding that player six points. If a kicker makes the live score liga champion shot from the field, we grant three points, and award one point for PATs. We also give two points when a goal is scored two-point conversion.

Our most significant difference is in our quarterback’s position. Although quarterbacks can be able to play for scores, earning 6 points per game, we give three points for the TD pass. This is the most significant deviation from the league that is mother to that is the NFL.

This method of scoring is able to allow for games with extremely low scores. 9-6 isn’t atypical however, we also have plenty of high scores as well. The score of fifty-seven was the watershed score in our league last seasonan undoubtedly high number for an incredibly successful NFL team. In the end, we’d like to emulate the NFL.

I’ve seen players in performance leagues which allow 10 points when quarterbacks pass at least 400 yards. Their scores for the week aren’t realistic such as scores of 126-90. This more resembles an unbalanced college basketball game as opposed to a football game.