A Review of the Oneplus Nord CE 5g

Oneplus has just launched the much awaited Oxygen Plus U2 and OnePlus Nord CE 5g in India. The major highlights of this smartphone include a powerful 64 MP rear camera with fisheye lens, a 3.5 inch capacitive display, a powerful kick-button on the device and a high definition slim design. The phone also includes two-tone wallpaper and has an extensive user-accessible memory allowing you to add applications and customize settings according to your requirements. Oneplus has partnered up with several eminent Indian brands including Spice, Cool Bananas, Omaxe, Hugo Boss and Earlex etc. to launch these handsets.

Since the launch of the first Oneplus oneplus nord ce 5g smartphone, which was later replaced by the Oxygen Plus, the company has had a string of successful products and has gradually climbed to stardom status in the smartphone market. The new models introduce some new features like double screen, curved screen, expandable storage space, advanced media apps and a large multi-touch keyboard. Apart from that, there are some exciting technologies like augmented reality, picture messaging and multi-tasking which were first introduced in the older variants of the Oneplus phones. The prices are yet to be decided, but the company is yet to announce any major partnership or investment.

The phone has received tepid reviews so far, and most reviewers have pointed out the shortcomings such as a weak camera experience, poor battery life, slow performance and mediocre apps. However, most people seem to be impressed by the looks of the device. The Oneplus Nord CE comes with an all-metal body and is a little thicker than its predecessors. However, the body seems to be scratch resistant, so even though it’s heavy, it doesn’t feel like a brick. The phone also features a unique dual-mode system where you can switch from the standard Android interface to the ZenFone user interface with the tap of a single button.

The camera on the Oneplus Nordic CE comes with a fairly large sensor that covers almost the entire back. This gives the impression of a high-end phone, but it’s not necessarily larger than many other devices. The main camera, f/2.0 camera lens, and primary pixels are all contained within the body itself which makes for easy access. While the overall size may be larger than what you would expect, the resolution on the lens and camera is nothing special and quality remains just average.

One big selling point of the Oneplus devices is the fact that they offer a lot of user-friendly options and the company does an excellent job of supporting its devices with frequent software updates and service. The Oneplus brand also provides a very inexpensive device and this has helped it sell extremely well. While you will find plenty of companies providing a similar kind of device, the Oneplus brand has positioned itself as the leader in offering an affordable price for consumers. When it comes to cameras, the Oneplus range is still superior. While other brands have attempted to copy the idea, the Oneplus devices still set the standards.

In terms of looks, the Oneplus devices are sleek and pretty to look at. However, the Oneplus brand also provides some added extras which make using them even more worthwhile for users. One of the most popular extras is the ability to link your phone to the internet via a Bluetooth connection. The Oneplus ecosystem is already fantastic with the selection of applications already present on the device. This gives the device a distinct advantage over other similar devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry. The Oneplus Nord CE 5g is still available for sale, so why not get your own and experience for yourself what so many others have already done?